On-Demand Tutorials: Tools - Collection 1
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Learning about Epicor 9 tools features just got easier! The On-Demand tutorials in this collection contain information that will help you master specific tools features. These recordings use both narration and animation to show you how to create a business activity query, load data from a spreadsheet into a dashboard, display information through a BAQ zone, and many other key features. With this recording, you control your pace - you can start, pause, or fast forward the recording. This unique control allows you to access your live system for immediate hands-on learning.

The tutorials, available for 30 days once started, are grouped by subject area and are listed in the order in which Epicor recommends you view them. This collection of tutorials was developed using Epicor 9.05.603; the functionality of those tutorials is applicable to earlier and later Epicor application releases. The following tutorials are found in this collection:

  • Dashboards – Learn how to embed an updatable BAQ within a custom dashboard, pull spreadsheet data into an updatable dashboard, and create a URL query phrase that links a part record to an image file that then displays within the dashboard.
  • Business Process Management – In two tutorials, you will see how to alert a user during purchase order receipts that a job, or jobs, on the floor is waiting for items to be received, and validate the Customer State field for valid entries against a table.
  • Queries – Learn how to create an updatable BAQ, create a BAQ that displays the most recent part numbers added to your database, and create a BAQ that displays all employees who are currently clocked in, but not clocked out, on job operations.
  • InfoZones – These three tutorials demonstrate various models of InfoZones through basic use cases, how to set up InfoZones on multiple user interfaces (UIs) or within a customization on a single UI, including instruction on how to personalize InfoZone indicators and hot-key options, and advanced functionality such as specialized behaviors of zone results and unique Markup syntax you can apply to business activity query (BAQ) criteria for zones.
  • Menu Maintenance – See how you can use Menu Maintenance to deploy custom programs onto the Main Menu and replace the base program icon with your customization or add a customization as a separate launch icon.
  • Extended Properties – Learn about the various extended properties available for each field.
  • Enterprise Content Management Setup – This recording guides you through the setup process for activating this key attachment functionality.
  • Embedded Performance Canvas – In this tutorial, you will learn how to attach a performance canvas to a dashboard.

    *Depending on the length (runtime) of a recording and the speed of your internet connection, a recording may take a few minutes to display.

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